Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Multo-Sport" Night Race - March 1, 2008

Are you afraid of the dark? Or maybe those that go bump in the night?

Then it's time to put your night light on and swim, bike and run like hell!

The UP Mountaineers and the UP Varsity Swimming Team present the 1st "Multo-Sport" Night Race, a beginner and sprint-distance triathlon.

The race starts at 10:00 pm and a monster of a party will follow at the stroke of midnight.

Hurry! Only 100 participants will be accepted.

Event Details:

Date: 1 March 2008

Time: 8:00 p.m. start of registration
10:00 p.m. start of the race
12:00 p.m. awarding and party

Venue: UP Diliman Pool and Academic Oval

Event Distances:
Beginners Category: 500m swim - 11km bike - 2.5km run
Open Category: 750m swim - 20km bike - 4.7km run

Male and Female age groups (below-25 / 25-40 / above 40)

Mandatory Equipment
- bike
- helmet
- bike blinker (front and back)

Optional (but recommended) Equipment
- headlamp of bike lighting system
- reflector strips

To reserve your slot, please send the following details by email to
SHIRT SIZE (subject to availability):
(participants will be asked to sign waivers on the event venue)

You may also visit the UP Diliman Pool from 4:00 p.m. onwards during weekdays to submit your entry form and payment.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Run For Your Life Races to Sagada

Good luck to all the Pinoy UltraRunners! I was supposed to participate as part of the support crew, but I had to back out because of other priorities. Maybe next time.

Monday, January 28, 2008

PMTB Black Jersey

Designed and manufactured by the famous Ed Lee, for the PinoyMTBiker forum. Arriving this March. Can't wait to get mine!


This weekend Joie and I will be trekking to the summit of Mt. Pulag. This will be a challenging climb, because I will be leading two jeepneyloads of trekkers, more than two thirds of them Pulag first-timers. The challenge really is in keeping up with the itinerary, since having 32 climbers of various levels of fitness will definitely stretch out the group along the Ranger Station route. My guesstimate is a 1.5-hour difference between the first to arrive and the tail. I hope I don't get cranky from all the pasaway people who would insist on walking 5 minutes and resting 10.

I wonder if some of the rookie climbers know what they're facing. The route itself is easy - about 4 or 5 kilometers of slight uphill trails, 3 1/2 hours, that only those who have zero exercise or who have overloaded their backpacks should find it strenuous. The hard part is upon reaching the campsite and the evening fog creeps in. Misery inflicts itself in many forms at Pulag, mine appears as a migraine that never goes away, a runny nose, and swollen fingers that ache. Soon the discomfort becomes too hard to ignore and all you want to do is curl up inside your sleeping and hope the clothes you're wearing are enough to keep you warm. Hypothermia becomes a real possibility, specially for those who did not bring the right clothes.

Oftentimes at Pulag, I would complain loudly, "Bakit nga ba tayo nandito?" There I was, tired and numb and shivering, water dripping down my nose, trying to justify why I chose to give up the warm urban pleasures of Manila. But then I know the answer.

following photos by la villareal

Full Moon Run

I missed out on the UPLB Trantados Full Moon Run - a 20-kilometer nighttime footrace amidst the slopes and ricefields of UP Los BaƱos. Even if I tried, I would not have been able to get there in time, since I had work till Friday evening and LB is a few hours away from Metro Manila. So i had to content myself with reading Rey Agapay's blog entry. The reward was in the post-race party at IC's bar, longtime venue of the triathlon club's legendary drinking binges.

Pasmathon Revisited

Yesterday i raced my first triathlon of the year (and my sixth since i started 'tri-ing') at the 2nd UP Pasmathon. It was a 750m-swim-19k-bike-5k-run gig around the UP Diliman grounds. There were a total of 40+ competitors in the beginners and sprint categories. Long story short, I was a bottomfeeder. I only placed ahead of two people -- a 50-something UP prof and a 15-year old girl who had the ill-fortune of having a 'ra.ce' [gets?]. You won't hear any excuses coming from me, my performance was expected. No training equals no glory.

Like the last Pasmathon, I made a mid-race pitstop -- I ordered a hotdog sandwich and a bottle of C2 in front of the College of Music. This is turning out to be a tradition...At least I ate 3 minutes faster than the previous one, and that's an area I definitely improved on.

I expect to do better the next tri i join, and that would require 5-am base training rides, more 1500m laps and a willingness to run. I feel so out-of-shape, and there's nothing like barely surviving a triathlon to give you a smack in the head.

Lessons learned:
  1. I really really really need to build that triathlon bike! Now!
  2. Drafting during the swim does work! Though I felt a bit sorry for the guy whose feet i kept slapping repeatedly.
  3. Skipping lunch before a triathlon is never a good idea.

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