Monday, January 28, 2008

Pasmathon Revisited

Yesterday i raced my first triathlon of the year (and my sixth since i started 'tri-ing') at the 2nd UP Pasmathon. It was a 750m-swim-19k-bike-5k-run gig around the UP Diliman grounds. There were a total of 40+ competitors in the beginners and sprint categories. Long story short, I was a bottomfeeder. I only placed ahead of two people -- a 50-something UP prof and a 15-year old girl who had the ill-fortune of having a 'ra.ce' [gets?]. You won't hear any excuses coming from me, my performance was expected. No training equals no glory.

Like the last Pasmathon, I made a mid-race pitstop -- I ordered a hotdog sandwich and a bottle of C2 in front of the College of Music. This is turning out to be a tradition...At least I ate 3 minutes faster than the previous one, and that's an area I definitely improved on.

I expect to do better the next tri i join, and that would require 5-am base training rides, more 1500m laps and a willingness to run. I feel so out-of-shape, and there's nothing like barely surviving a triathlon to give you a smack in the head.

Lessons learned:
  1. I really really really need to build that triathlon bike! Now!
  2. Drafting during the swim does work! Though I felt a bit sorry for the guy whose feet i kept slapping repeatedly.
  3. Skipping lunch before a triathlon is never a good idea.

Start of the Beginners Category
Results here


Vyxz said...

hahaha! at nakapaghotdog sandwits pa! iba ka talaga, marko! hehehe.

see you sa march! karirin na natin toh! :)

marcs said...

hoy, it's not swim-bike-eat-run! hehehehehehe