Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Hands down, the best Dad in the world. Watch, cry and be inspired by Dick and Rick Hoyt.
caption: <FATHER
How do you define a father? It's simple. You take Dick Hoyt's picture and put it
in the dictionary and let the rest of the world follow his lead. When he was
told by doctors to put his son Rick in an institution, he refused. Instead Dick
and Rick have spent their lifetimes together traveling the world and inspiring
everyone they meet. Father of the century? No question about it.

Papa, thanks for everything. I hope I can even be half as great a father as you.


Jovan said...

I was looking for this video for a long time. Just couldn't find it for some reason. Glad you placed this on your blog. Thanks!

Marko said...

You're welcome! And Happy Father's Day to you too!